How A Construction Company In London Can Acquire More Leads

The construction industry is facing rather hard times in London. While the 2012 Olympics helped bring new life to the industry, it has fallen back into a slump. With that in mind, construction companies are having a hard time to get leads in through the door. The level of competition is fierce in the construction industry and every company needs to be at the top of their game plan. We have several strategies that you can implement starting today that will help you  bring more leads and clients into the business.

Advertise More

Many companies have slowed down on their advertising campaigns as there is simply not enough cash coming into the company. However, you should not be focused solely on traditional marketing methods any more. We live in a digital age and the vast number of your clients have an online presence. Creating a targeted ad campaign toward your main demographic online can be highly cost effective as well as successful. Social media platforms such as Pinterest and Twitter offer highly competitive rates where you can laser focus in on your clientele with targeted ads.



Be Responsive

There was a time when a business simply needed to check their answering machine and mail to keep in touch with clients. However, those days are long gone and a company needs to keep up to speed with various platforms. In addition to the phone and mail, email, instant messaging, texts, and social media platforms are always a client may try to get in touch with you. In fact, with so many people using social media as a way to connect with businesses, many have begun to outsource that task to other businesses who specialize in social media. If you have a construction company in London, you want to make sure you have all communication lines open to potential clients or you may find that you are losing some to the competition. In addition, it never hurts to hand out a personal phone number to clients. This gives them a sense of touch and the ability to get in touch directly with someone who can answer all of their questions.


Bring Back A Personal Touch


One of the major drawbacks of having so many lines of communication is that it lacks the personal detail of a phone call or letter. If you want a way to set your construction company in London

apart from all the competition, bring this style of communication back into vogue. You would be surprised how far a handwritten thank you note can go in the world of emails and texts! Even sending out holiday greetings to past clients and wishing a new year can help bring in return clients as well as referral traffic. Do not be afraid to get to know your client base. It is the personal touches that your client base is going to respond to and choose you over your competitors.

Take these tips and implement them into your overall strategy and see how you are able to bring in more leads. Once these have become successful, find new strategies and keep growing your list of clients.


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